Who We Are

Clever Clogs footwear is an independent children’s shoe shop, which has 10 years of expertise under its belt. All the fitters are fully trained and understand the importance of correctly fitted footwear. The owner has provided a bright and cheery child friendly environment, which affords both a play area and easy access for buggies.

We pride ourselves on the care we take when measuring your child’s feet and are happy to advise and assist in whatever way we can, thus providing the best footwear for your child. We are also very experienced in fitting orthotics. Considerate of how busy parents can be, appointments out of normal shop opening hours can easily be arranged. Clever Clogs has now become one of the leading suppliers of children’s footwear in Sussex.

Who We Are
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We offer a FREE fitting service to OUR CUSTOMERS undertaken by fully trained fitters. We are recommended to patients of Great Ormond Street Hospital as well as by many local podiatrists and physiotherapists.  We have 10 years of expertise and are very experienced in fitting orthotics. Children’s feet are soft and fragile, therefore you should always have your child’s feet measured and shoes fitted by a trained shoe fitter.

We methodically check every aspect of the shoe on the foot. A correctly fitted shoe should have at least 10mm of toe space to allow for growth. The shoes should be the correct width and fit snugly around the heal without any slippage when the child walks. We will always measure both feet individually, not just to obtain a shoe size but to gain more knowledge of the characteristics of your child’s foot so we can advise the appropriate choices from our stock.

Children’s feet are in a constant process of growth and will grow 2½ sizes per year, slowing down after the age of six to 1 size per year. It is more common for a child’s foot to grow in spurts rather than at a steady even pace, so it is important that the foot is checked every 6-8 weeks to see if any growth has taken place. We are always happy to check your child’s existing shoes to see if they are still the right size.


I have always dreaded taking in three children (especially boys) to the shoe shop, but visiting Clever Clogs, this chore has become an enjoyable time. The staff are delightful as well as having such patience with the children. The shoes are outstanding too!